Exploring Nature and the Ecological Route of Benissa: A Recommendation from Villas Holidays CostaBlanca.

Welcome to Benissa, a true paradise for nature and adventure lovers on the Costa Blanca. As part of Villas Holidays CostaBlanca, we are pleased to present you with this detailed guide highlighting the wonders of this unique landscape and the exciting activities offered by its surroundings, especially the Benissa Ecological Route.

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that the route has different starting points depending on the distance you wish to cover. The Benissa Ecological Walk is a trail of approximately 4 km that offers a spectacular experience amidst beautiful vegetation, cliffs, and several coves along the coast of Benissa, in Alicante. This well-designed and maintained trail allows hikers to enjoy nature while engaging in physical activity and soaking up knowledge about the area.

The route includes stops at various coves, such as Cala del Mallorquí, Les Bassetes, Cala Pinets, and Cala Advocat, each with its unique charm and amenities for visitors. The walk culminates in the beautiful Cala Baladrar, surrounded by huge cliffs and vegetation. This itinerary is ideal for interpretive hiking and offers an unforgettable experience on the Mediterranean Costa Blanca.

Here we highlight the most important and recommended places that you can visit while staying in our apartments and villas, which are relatively close by, unique corners, charming spots, and of course, our Ecological Route. We will also highlight a gastronomic reference spot called El Rall in Cala de la Fustera.

The Ecological Walk. Cala de La Fustera and El Rall

Our next stop, The Ecological Walk. Feel the sea breeze and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Along the way, discover places with a great natural heritage, such as the charming beach of La Fustera and the wild Cala dels Pinets. Continue until you reach Cala de la Llobella and Platgeta de l’Advocat. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these jewels of the Costa Blanca in the company of your loved ones, where you’ll find the restaurant El Rall, precisely in the beautiful Cala de La Fustera. Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, El Rall is famous for its traditional dishes made with fresh market and KM0 products. We recommend trying their delicious rice dishes, grilled fish, and meats while enjoying the sea breeze. You know, El Rall, a fundamental stop on the Ecological Route…

But the adventure doesn’t end here. The Benissa Ecological Route offers even more surprises along the way. From ancient mule tracks winding through mountain landscapes to charming rural villages where time seems to have stood still, every corner of this route is filled with history and natural beauty.

We invite you to explore every corner of this hidden treasure on the Costa Blanca. At Villas Holidays CostaBlanca, we take pride in recommending this unique destination to our guests, providing the perfect base for exploring and creating unforgettable memories in the Marina Alta. Get ready to experience exciting adventures and enjoy an unforgettable stay on the Costa Blanca with us!

Recommended Activities:

Hiking: Explore the trails that traverse the mountain landscapes of Benissa and discover its unique flora and fauna.
Diving: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the coast and explore the fascinating underwater world.
Kayaking: Navigate along the coast and discover hidden coves and caves while enjoying the sun and the sea.


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